Worx WG543 Cordless Blower Review

Raking up autumn leaves is a tiresome and time-consuming task. You can blow them all into a neat pile in a fraction of the time using a leaf blower.

You don’t even need to shovel up the leaves afterwards: just use a blower vacuum to suck them up like a vacuum cleaner. While some leaf blowers allow you to use both the vacuum cleaner and leaf blower features to do all that, others cannot because they lack those features.

Many leaf blowers, on the other hand, lack power, while others are too loud or do not even last long. They even range from heavyweights to lightweights. But picking the right leaf blower for you is easier with the right information.

Worx WG543 20V 400CFM Cordless Blower Review

Worx WG543 Cordless Blower Review

Engineered with turbine technology, the most recent and advanced technology, Worx WG543 provides great efficiency even in a small and compact design. It comes power-packed with amazing features and weighs not more than 4 pounds.

Any yard owner can use the tool without feeling tired or feeling hand pains. The handles are built with ergonomic designs that are very comfortable and allow you to work for hours.

It is powered by a 20 volts battery which can be used by not just this Worx model or just Worx power tools but also by other power tools. Coupled with its sonic turbine energy, this unit produces an air volume up to 410 cubic feet per minute at 130 miles per hour.

This is enough power to clear leaves in a nicely sized yard. The turbine system also ensures its efficiency. Its variable air control nozzle allows you to choose the direction or how you want air to be directed to do your job.

Turbines normally work by drawing in air. But this Worx model draws in more air with the help of its air amplifier technology, which in turn provides air with so much and enough force to cover up to 130 mph. But in case you need less air volume to blow leaves, the WG543 features a dual select switch that allows you to move from high air volume to low air volume and vice versa.

To control the speed at which air is produced by the wide mouth nozzle of this unit, it comes with a 2-speed control system. With this control system, you can go very fast for big spaces and slow for tight and small spaces.

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  • Warranty and weight:

it comes with a 3 years warranty and weighs 4 pounds.

  • 2 Speed control system:

it comes with two controls that allow you to switch the air level from stiff breeze to F4 tornado.

  • Motor and Air output:

it comes with a 20 volts motor which delivers an airspeed of 310 mph (miles per minute) and an air volume of 410 cfm (cubic feet per mile)

  • Turbine technology:

This allows it to produce more air but with little battery.

  • Dual air system:

Some parts of the yard might require more air or less air to blow the leaves, this system allows you to choose any level you want.

  • Air amplifier tech:

This allows the leaf blower to draw in the air more than most leaf blowers and so produce air with more force.

  • A battery that works for all:

The battery does not work for just this Worx model but all other kinds of power tools. The battery can work with power tools of 20 volts and 40 volts.

Pros And Cons

  • Powerful And Lightweight
  • Wide nozzle
  • Uses less battery
  • Versatile battery
  • Does not take up so much space
  • An extension cord might limit how far the leaf blower can go
  • Can only move small piles of leaf

Why You Should Buy This?

Have you heard of many leaf blowers that can share their batteries with other power tools? I do not think so. The Worx WG543 allows you to use its battery for other power tools just as long as they are 20 volts and 40 volts devices.

So let’s say you want to use a saw and there is no one to watch your kid while you run to even the closest shop to get a battery, you can just quickly get the WG543 battery, and insert it into the saw, and use, easy peasy.

Its wide nozzle makes it easier for the leaf blower to produce even more than enough air for blowing leaves. It does not restrict the flow of air and can be adjusted to face any direction you want air to blow at.

Despite its small size and weight it still delivers effective service. It has the power to clear a decently sized yard within minutes and the battery stays to support. In case you did not see this earlier, it blows leaves as far as 130 miles per hour with a force of 410 cubic feet per minute but uses very little battery. It is also very light to carry.

Apart from the subtle sound it emits, sometimes you wonder if you are holding something. Nothing can go wrong with owning a Worx wg543 just as long as you use it properly and care for it like every power tool should be taken care of.


The Worx WG543 is a good option that is built to help solve a lot of leaf blowing for yard owners. Its small size helps to manage space but does not stop it from acting effectively when it is time to be used in a yard.

You do not even have to worry about getting a snowblower for winter because WG543 can be used as one. Although it might not blow large chunks of snow at once, slowly and steadily it will clear your pathway.

It is one thing to own a power tool like the Worx WG543 but it is another thing to maintain. Although it does not require too much maintenance, it deserves to be taken care of. This helps to extend its life span.

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